Seminars & Training

Applications Training

Technology drives most aspects of life today. Keeping abreast of tools and best practice can help maintain or provide an effective edge in today's market. TPT offers applications training across a number of platforms. Custom consulting services are also available.

  • Microsoft Office Word

  • Microsoft Office Outlook

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Office Excel

  • Microsoft Office Project

  • Microsoft Office Visio

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • InterAction - CRM Software

  • FileSite - DMS Software

Soft Skills

Time spent interacting with others is a significant portion of our personal and professional life. The quality of these interactions is a major deciding factor in the success, or lack thereof, of our initiatives. Aquiring and leveraging the preeminent skillset will help ensure the success of both your personal and professional endeavors.  TPT seminars provide the tools to help bridge the gap and increase your effectivness. Popular topics are listed below, contact us for mmore information or a full listing.

  • Working as a High Performing Team

  • Embracing Change

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Navigating Beyond Conflict

  • Valuing Differences

  • High Impact Feedback and Listening

  • Addressing Poor Performance

  • Building and Stimulating Trust

  • Resolving Workplace Conflict

  • Strategies for Influencing Others

  • Making Meetings Work

  • Creating a Service Culture: The Service Leader's Role

Self Development

Many of us are interseted in personal growth on a number of levels. TPT's self development seminars and workshops are a great way to gain exposure to alternate methodologies and philosophies. We never know where we'll get an inspirational spark. View a few of our specialty topics below.

Truths - Personal Responsibility

Truths - Self Esteem

Truths - Facing You

Concepts - What is Co-Creation

Concepts - What is Mindfulness

Concepts - Conscious Interactions


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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."   Albert Einstein​