Our Services

TPT was founded out of a heart's passion to nurture and develop the unique talents and skills inherent in each of us. ​Our founder, a long time training & development specialist, and more recently, professional life coach, provides her unique services to individuals, from all walks of life, who strive to expand their current horizons.  


Soft Skills are paramount in your interpersonal  relations; consciously developing them greatly improves the quality of your interactions.  With Technology coming more and more to the forefront of our everyday lives, increasing computer aptitude with Applications Training can smooth the transition through daily administrative chores and job functions or take advantage of our tailored Consulting Services which can provide exactly the tools and skills your organisation needs to thrive. 

Sometimes despite having great interpersonal relationships and being technically savvy, we find ourselves at a crossroad or decision point, where working together in a Professional Coaching relationship can help us bring clarity, focus and an objective perspective which results in the successful navigation of challenging life situations.   So whether its training, consulting or coaching, we look forward to working with you!


Our Philosophy


We are all valuable contributors to society through our individual perspectives, abilities and experiential wisdom. You are the only person in this world who brings your specific set of skills, logic and their application to your surroundings. 


Most people never stop to take that in; Are you living to the fullness of your inner potential?  Is this something you feel you need to explore so that you can 'tap in' and truly experience more fullness and satisfaction in your life?

Our Founder

Meet our founder, resident life coach and professional trainer, Sherene Vargas. After spending over 20 years in the corporate industry where she developed custom training collateral, designed organisational learning programs and handled; recruitment, assessment, scholarship and mentor-ship programs  (in the process, successfully training hundreds of people!) she found she couldn't ignore the people she was most touched by; those who hadn't quite made it -yet- but could!


Not being able to put off the calling to use her experience and skills for the greater good of all, she opened The Potential Tap - determined to tap into the fullness of her inner strength and help others do the same! Sherene is available for professional consulting for businesses and organisations, custom tailored individual and groups sessions, personal and professional coaching sessions. 


Having persevered through many of her own life challenges, she brings a heartfelt sense of empathy and connection  to her clients which positively impacts many aspects of their personal growth journeys.

"We rise by lifting others."  -Robert Ingersoll